Need a band? You need SLINKY  – Scotland’s favourite wedding and party band. With 14 years and literally thousands of weddings, corporate functions, Christmas & birthday parties under their belt, few bands can lay claim to having Slinky’s vast experience.

  • Few bands can lay claim to having the vast experience that SLINKY has gained in the 14 years since forming. From one end of Scotland to the other (and beyond,) with literally thousands of weddings and party nights under their belt, SLINKY are the no1 choice for your function band.

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  • We are a 5-piece wedding & party band based in (but not restricted to) Central Scotland and since forming in 2003 we’ve established ourselves as one of the most popular in the country.

    With our considerable years of experience, covering music genres from one end of spectrum to the other has become a big part of our strength. Whether it’s a wedding, Christmas party, corporate function, graduation ball, high school prom or even a house party, we know how to get people dancing and keep them dancing all night.

    We carry all our own equipment including a sound system which can be scaled as required to suit dancefloors of any size and we can be set up and ready to go in 1 hour from the time of gaining clear access to the stage or area where the band will be performing.

  • Why Slinky?

    Why any particular band for that matter? You listen to demos, watch videos and narrow down a shortlist to the few bands that seem most likely to deliver the goods, but how do you choose?

    Well, it’s true that demos and videos are a good indication of a bands quality, as would be the personal recommendation from a friend or reading the testimonials from previously satisfied clients. However, your party won’t be the same as every other party, it’s a “one-off” occasion with its own unique mix of people and therefore its own individual demands for a band (if everyone’s to be dancing all night.) As it happens, as important as it is to have great musicians with a wide repertoire and a good sound system, the real “make it or break it” factor is much less obvious because it’s down to the band’s ability to “read” the dancefloor and react quickly to keep it busy…

    That brings us back to the question – Why Slinky?

    Understanding what make dancefloors tick has been our obsession for the last 14 years. Here’s what we’ve learned…

    In every group of people at a party there are those who love to dance,  always first to dancefloor and a whole bunch of fairly obvious songs that’ll get them there. That’s the easy bit.

    Next up – Everybody else! That means all different age groups with lots of different tastes in music, all up for jumping around on the dancefloor but waiting for that certain song to get them there. THIS IS OUR STRENGTH. Picking songs that’ll grab the widest range of people and inspire them to dance. The next challenge is knowing how to keep them there. THIS IS OUR STRENGTH. We do this by constantly surprising the dancefloor, switching songs SEEMLESSLY, WITHOUT STOPPING. This NON-STOP approach is not a new idea, anyone who’s spent time in nightclubs will have heard DJ’s mix one record into the next, overlapping them so there’s no break in continuity. Of course, that’s a relatively easy task for a DJ, for a live band it’s a different matter and takes so long to master that bands in general simply don’t go there. We do. THIS IS WHAT MAKES SLINKY DIFFERENT. It’s taken us 14 YEARS to master and that’s experience that a band can’t buy…

    …But you can… by booking Slinky

    Check out our video to see this in action…

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